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The PortNet workshop, which was held in Genoa, was a very important event for both its organisers and their partners since the present maritime transport methods - i.e. Feeder Ferry and SSS - used in the Mediterranean area have been described, and for port workers since their point of view was described. During the workshop the new areas for European planning were identified within the maritime and port sectors, these former are envisaged by the future EU planning for the years 2007-2013 and for the learning of the many financing programmes for the transport sector (TEN-T, Marco Polo Programme, VIIPQRST, cross-border and transnational cooperation). Data related to the Feeder, ferry and SSS traffic were also presented, they involve the Mediterranean area and the possible integration development.

This workshop highlighted how important is for Genoa - thanks to its geographical and morphologic peculiarities, as well as its geographic position - to be part of the European Programme for the Motorways of the Sea (MoS), this latter has been included among the 30 European priority projects by the EU and was financed by allocating 1.8 billion Euro starting in 2007.
Therefore, the Motorways of the Sea are a very important resource for Europe as a whole in order to build a transeuropean intermodal transport network to "channel the goods fluxes onto logistic itineraries based on maritime ways, thanks to which the present maritime transport services may be developed or new, regular and frequent ones may be created; which will be used for goods transport among member States." The presentation of Actia Forum - which is related to the Motorways of the Sea in the Baltic Sea - highlighted the importance of such an opportunity for the development of intermodal transport.

Last but not least, the importance of the town of Alessandria was highlighted in various ways, it may be Genoa's future back-port area thanks to its intermodal platforms.

This workshop was also a very important event since the many actors working in the port of Genoa were involved: Genoa's Port Authority, Maritime Port Stations, the Genoa's Chamber of Commerce, the IIC Genova Study Centre and the Liguria Region.
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