Steering Commitee Meetings
Maritime Cargo
FFS Challenges
FFS North-Sea & Baltic Area
Best Practice Tour: FFS
FFS Mediterranean Area
Port Operations
Ports and People
Best Practice Tour: Feeder, Ferry and Short-sea Services (Haven Gateway)
BPT Manual and Proceedings
Monday, 23.10.2006
17:00 - 19:00 hours
Hotel Registration of Port-Net participants
and guests
Salthouse Hotel Ipswich
Download Proceedings
- size 2,2M
Download BPT Manual
- size 251k
Download Lecture
- size 889k
Download Flyer
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19:00 hours
Informal welcome dinner
Bistro on the Quay, Ipswich
Tuesday, 24.10.2006 - Session 1: Short Sea Ports and Shipping
12:30 hours
Port-Net Best Practice Tour registration
Welcome and Introductions including Buffet
Salthouse Hotel Ipswich
14:00 hours
A Short-Sea Port - ABP, Ipswich
(Mike Sellers, ABP)
ABP Ipswich
14:45 hours
A short-sea operators viewpoint (Ferryways)
ABP Ipswich
15:30 - 16:30 hours
Tour of Ipswich Port
ABP Ipswich
17:30 - 19:30 hours
Birketts reception
John Perry to speak (10 minutes)
The Last Anchor, Ipswich
Wednesday, 25.10.2006 - Session 2: Harbour Services
10:00 - 10:45 hours
Collection from Salthouse Hotel, Ipswich
Salthouse Hotel Ipswich
Travel by coach to Harwich Haven Authority
10:45 hours
Welcome to Harwich Haven Authority
11:00 hours
Harwich Haven Authority
(Stephen Bracewell, HHA)
12:15 hours
Session 3: Ferry Services
Travel to Harwich International Port
12:30 hours
Security Registration Harwich International Port
Harwich International Port
13:00 hours
Buffet Lunch on MV Dana Sirena
MV Dana Sirena, Harwich
14:30 hours
Ferry services - UK to Continent
(Sean Potter, Tor Line)
Harwich International Port
15:00 - 16:00 hours
Session 4: Motorways of the Sea
UK Ports Policy and Motorways of the Sea
(Phil Carey, Head of Ports Division, Dept. for Transport)
MV Dana Sirena, Harwich
19:00 hours
Port-Net Participants Formal Dinner
Ipswich and Suffolk Club
Thursday, 26.10.2006 - Session 5: Container Terminal and Feeder Developments
09:30 - 10:00 hours
Travel to port of Felixstowe
Salthouse Hotel Ipswich
Security Registration & Coffee
Port of Felixstowe
10:30 hours
An introduction to Ports of Felixstowe and Harwich Container Terminal Developments
(Paul Davey, Hutchison Ports UK)
11:15 hours
Feeder Traffic and Short Sea Services
(Paul Davey, Hutchison Ports UK)
12:00 hours
Tour of Port of Felixstowe
(Paul Davey, Hutchison Ports UK)
13:45 hours
Travel to MCP, Felixstowe
14:00 hours
Session 6: EDI, UK Best Practice
Welcome and Introductions
MCP Plc, Felixstowe
14:15 hours
UK Ports and EDI
16:30 hours
Evening Event (to be confirmed)
Travel to Southwold
17:30 hours
Tour of Adnams new environmentally friendly Distribution Centre
Adnams, Southwold
18:00 hours
Brewery Tour
18:30 hours
Wine and beer tasting
Cellar and Kitchen, Southwold
19:30 hours
Port-Net participants dinner
Crown, Southwold
Friday, 27.10.2006
09:00 - 10:00 hours
Closing remarks
10:00 hours
Closure of Best Practice Tour
Salthouse Hotel, Ipswich